by jesse thom

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Listed as one of the top 10 albums of the year by Folk Radio UK's David Morrison.

"Snowdragons opens with one of the more heartwrenching songs I have heard in recent years [...] it is clear that Thom is no ‘ordinary’ songwriter..."
-David Morrison, Folk Radio UK

"I must have played 'marrow' a gazillion times and it still stirs my heart."
-Emma Caiman, Australia

"A true piece of art and love."
-Ghostly Beard, KB Radio (London)

"Great sound. Voice. Songs. Production."
-Felicity Gerwing, Unity Festival

"The songs are both haunting and tender, exuberant and yet full of stillness, and each one so lovingly crafted."
-Lael Whitehead


released March 26, 2016


all rights reserved



jesse thom British Columbia

jesse is a songwriter, clown, poet and puppeteer.

he has toured internationally and performed at over 60 festivals, sharing presence and play with audiences of every age.

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Track Name: marrow
we wake to winter plains and frozen mud
dreams swimming round our brains, an endless flood
sun reaching warm and strong, the touch of love
your heart, an organ song filled with blood

outside those balsam leaves
cover our pathways with decay
our breath, like couldron heat,
steams our life visible inside the light of day

walking our sleds over the gravel and snow
so many faces but you're the one that i know
climb to the hilltop, get ready to go
push off the edge i shout "look out below"
eyes closed wind rushing in
down we slide with you beside me friend
and when i look again
you're gone and i'm alone, and that's when i begin to sing...
Track Name: sling & the stone
the braid-house unwound
he said it all works out in the end
heard the windows shatter
out came Oliver Glen
he’s a true sharp shooter
quick with the sling and the stone
he’s hurled the stars over our heads
ain’t it fine how this night sky has glown?

up in the air and right through the shutters
letting the breeze weave through our sleeping town
nothing to fear, run wide and take cover
we won’t stop till the moon is down

like a prairie candle
he threw up the sun full of fire
that day in Alberta
we never felt so alive
it was the middle of summer
the streets sizzled in the rain
he turned to me, said “When you see this
you’ll never miss that life again.”

up in the air and right through the shutters
letting the breeze move in, touch the people there
Oliver Glen with the grin of a lover
he won’t stop till we breathe air

breathe, so breathe
down in the cage we bloom
the stars are like holes
letting the air come in the room
Track Name: grain elevator
on the first day of that life
i woke up just after a rainstorm
the sun hitting the wet ground
and every reflection said ‘fly man fly home’
i’ll go west when I die / no last goodbyes.
now you’re gone and here I cry

grain elevator and a setting ball of fire
burning, we go on, even though we’re tired
on the first day of that life, I woke up just after a rain storm, driving down the TransCan with my hands at 10 and 2 o’clock on a rubber wheel, the sun hitting wet pavement.

clouds are only grey until they empty themselves and shelves break under the weight of too many words while a tribe of ancient monkeys sit in mystical hot tubs somewhere in the depths of japan
Track Name: you & moon
you, you and the moon, you and the moonlight, you and moon.
shelter, no need for shelter, there is no shelter needed here
sound, nothing but wind, sound of the wind, cold on your skin
there - in you is silence, nothing but silence in you now

darkness all around, darkness, broken by starlight overhead
twinkle – no, more like a shiver, stars seem to shiver, spit and spin
one tumbling down, star falling down, wonder where it goes.
fingers – feeling our fingers, ten little fingers, and ten toes.

distance, town in the distance, Hinton Alberta, crown of soil
we have walked through these wheat fields, walked out to witness what we’re shown
in houses, I know, people are there, gazing from windows
and fingers – they have those fingers, ten little fingers and ten toes.
Track Name: snow into fire
snow into fire
ghosts in the valley
their campfires burnin
(khahi khahi)

slow winds encircle
prayers by the river
on Gonpo the mountain
(khahi khahi)

earth breaks beneath us
it's endless inside us
draw back the curtain in the darkness
(khahi khahi)

like beads on a string
sliding one by one
my life will pass between your finger and thumb
(khahi khahi)

oh Colorado
cold ancient starlight, coyotes howling
these lungs that breathe us into fountains
(khahi khahi)

my heart has broken
my heart lays open
my heart has broken open
Track Name: darkling
kneeling now, my hands touch down feel the underground.
feet move round my huddled figure in the crowd.
here I am with you my darkling so alone.
feel your thunder heartbeat startling blood and bone.

gather ancient saints down on whyte avenue.
christ, this body’s taken - didn’t you hear the news?
edmonton, your city streets are open veins
all horses to the pavement boys, we flow again.
(again, again, these open veins are flowing)

falling from one hundred stories
free as every bird in flight.

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